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Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO)

Definition An Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) is a specially trained individual who serves as a liaison between air mobility units and ground forces in military operations. Their primary function is to facilitate effective communication and coordination of air transportation assets for the seamless execution of mission objectives. Additionally, they assist in planning, coordinating, and […]


An Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) is a specially trained individual who serves as a liaison between air mobility units and ground forces in military operations. Their primary function is to facilitate effective communication and coordination of air transportation assets for the seamless execution of mission objectives. Additionally, they assist in planning, coordinating, and integrating air mobility support to ground forces and ensure efficient utilization of air transportation resources.

Key Takeaways

  1. Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) is a specialized role in the military aviation community, responsible for coordinating and facilitating communication between air mobility units and ground forces.
  2. AMLOs work closely with units from the Army, Marine Corps, and other branches to ensure the effective and timely integration of air mobility assets, such as cargo aircraft and air refueling missions, to support various military operations.
  3. AMLOs possess extensive knowledge of air mobility operations, including air transport, aerial refueling, and air support. This expertise allows them to provide critical guidance and advice to ground commanders in planning and executing missions that depend on air mobility capabilities.


The Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) is a vital role within military operations as they serve as the crucial link between air mobility assets and ground units, ensuring smooth and well-coordinated air transportation support.

An AMLO’s responsibilities include planning, executing, and supervising air mobility missions in concert with the supported commander’s objectives.

They possess specialized knowledge in air mobility operations, enabling them to provide expert advice and assistance to ground force commanders, deploying forces, and interagency partners, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness of joint air mobility operations.

The AMLO’s ability to communicate and coordinate with multiple agencies and teams, enhancing overall situational awareness, and ensuring mission success remains paramount to the effectiveness of air operations on the battlefield.


The primary purpose of an Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) within military operations is to serve as a critical link between the air mobility community and ground forces. This ensures the seamless integration and coordination of air assets, such as airlift and aerial refueling, in support of combat, humanitarian, and contingency missions.

Engaging at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels, AMLOs facilitate effective communication and cooperation between the United States Air Force (USAF) and other military branches, as well as coalition partners and host nations. This collaboration is vital for mission success, enabling the quick and efficient delivery of personnel and cargo to areas of need throughout the theater of operations.

In addition to their intermediary role, AMLOs are specifically trained to rapidly plan and execute complex air mobility operations, often in austere and dynamic environments. They are responsible for analyzing a wide range of factors, including terrain, weather, operational tempo, air assets availability, and ground-asset movements, translating this information into actionable plans and enhancing the overall responsiveness of the supported units.

These officers bring with them an in-depth knowledge of the Air Mobility Command (AMC) capabilities and limitations, ensuring that the supported commander’s requirements are met without unnecessary strain on air mobility resources. Through their considerable expertise, AMLOs play a significant role in optimizing air-ground integration, enhancing the mobility, efficiency, and effectiveness of military operations around the globe.

Examples of Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO)

Operation Enduring Freedom (2001-2014): During Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan, Air Mobility Liaison Officers played a crucial role in coordinating and facilitating air mobility support between the U.S. Air Force and coalition ground forces. AMLOs were embedded with ground units and worked closely with their counterparts to ensure the effective delivery of cargo, personnel, and air support to the battlefield. Their presence significantly improved communication, planning, and execution of critical air mobility missions throughout the operation.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief – Typhoon Haiyan (2013): In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Air Mobility Liaison Officers were critical in coordinating disaster relief efforts. AMLOs worked closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the local government, and other humanitarian organizations to coordinate the delivery of food, water, medical supplies, and personnel to affected areas. They helped to establish and manage airfields, identify suitable landing zones, and maintain proper communication with aircraft to ensure the safe arrival and distribution of vital aid supplies.

Operation Inherent Resolve (2014-Present): As part of the ongoing multinational military campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Air Mobility Liaison Officers continue to provide valuable support in coordinating air mobility missions between the U.S. Air Force, partner nations, and ground forces. Positioned in various locations throughout the region, AMLOs work closely with ground commanders to provide timely and accurate air support to troops on the ground. This collaboration ultimately enhances the effectiveness of coalition efforts to combat ISIS and achieve operational objectives in both Iraq and Syria.

Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) FAQs

What is an Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO)?

An Air Mobility Liaison Officer (AMLO) is a specially trained military officer who serves as a liaison between the air mobility community and ground forces, primarily assisting in the planning and coordination of air mobility missions.

What are the key responsibilities of an AMLO?

An AMLO’s main responsibilities include advising ground forces on air mobility capabilities and limitations, planning and coordinating air movements, managing airdrop and air landing operations, and providing critical information for the prioritization and allocation of air mobility assets.

Which military branch do AMLO officers belong to?

AMLOs are typically part of the United States Air Force, but they also work closely with other branches like the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps to ensure successful air mobility operations.

What kind of training does an AMLO go through?

An AMLO is usually a commissioned officer who undergoes initial skills training in air mobility operations, followed by advanced courses that focus specifically on the liaison role. This training covers various subjects, including joint force planning, air mobility tactics, and airdrop procedures.

What is the role of an AMLO during a military operation?

During a military operation, the AMLO serves as the primary point of contact to provide real-time information and facilitate coordination between the air mobility and ground forces. They help ensure that the air mobility assets are utilized efficiently and effectively to accomplish the mission objectives, often requiring close collaboration and communication with various units participating in the operation.

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